VIDEFOREX Review 2023: Attention All Crypto Investors: Why VIDEFOREX Is Making Waves in the Industry?

videforex review

As can be seen, a larger trading account balance translates into access to more day trading resources. The more resources and tools an intraday trader has, the higher their probability of making a profit. If you make a lot of trades every day, the fees can add up quickly. This highlights the significance of locating reliable online day trading brokers. is one of the few brokers that tries to be transparent about their pricing structure. Also, whether you’re interested in day trading forex, CFDs, or binary options on, the minimum requirements are the same.

Demo account is a great opportunity to practice strategies and become familiar with the platform with their demo account option. For a brokerage that has been in operation for a while now, you’d expect the site to offer a lot more information. Obviously, lack of information doesn’t mean that there is a VideForex scam going on. We’d just prefer to see key details presented front and center. As such, we highly recommend using a demo account if you are considering trading with this FX brokerage.

TurboForex Fees and Spreads

Upon using the platform for the first time, it’s evident that it is intuitively designed and great for beginner traders. The platform keeps things very simple and features everything a trader needs to competently trade CFDs and binary options. The platform comes complete with a basic charting package where traders can conduct basic technical analysis with a few key technical indicators, time frames, and chart types.

videforex review

After login in, you will get access to several features and tools. Then, go to the trading center, and select your preferred payment option to deposit funds. Opening a trading account on the Videforex platform is super easy. All you need to do is to furnish your personal details, which requires hardly a few minutes. Once all details are completed, you will access your account and the necessary trading tools.

Using practice accounts, such as the ones provided by VideForex, is still one of the best day trading advice for beginners. While they aren’t the cheapest broker on the market, they are also not the most expensive. Hopefully, this means you avoid the brokers whose prices are so low that you pay the amount in poor execution speeds and an unreliable platform. While the fees of more expensive brokers will significantly reduce your end-of-day profits.

You can also withdraw your money in 1 hour whether you have a bronze, silver or gold account. Copy trading tool is another feature that VideForex and it doesn’t matter which account type you have. The VIDEFOREX trading platform is designed to the objectives of investors and traders of all levels from across the globe. Nonetheless, this worldwide brokerage firm’s services are banned in the United States and a few Asian and European areas. However, you need to remember that leverage trading is not risk-proof.

However, if you withdraw on the weekend or public holidays, there may be a minor delay that you need to wait for almost a whole week. Accounts can be financed via credit/debit cards, cryptocurrency accounts, and popular e-wallets. Some users said they had to turn over their referral deposits to receive the referral commissions. While VideForex adheres to financial regulation norms, they are not restricted to a single country’s regulatory system. The Finance Group Corp, located on the 2nd Floor, Transpacific Haus, Lini Highway, Vanuatu, has licensed them. It’s important to note that, like most US forex brokers, is not regulated by the CFTC.

The live video chat option offered by the FGC group of companies has received positive acclaim from existing customers and is excellent at providing a human presence while offering support. VideForex clearly scores in terms of offering one of the best customer service channels in the market. The VideForex trading platform seems inherently familiar, as it shares its traits with other similar web properties that offer binary options services through different brand names. Videforex offers its own proprietary platform for trading binary options and CFDs. Traders can earn up to 98% payouts speculating on the price direction of 100+ assets. This 2023 review of Videforex unpacks the broker’s accounts, fees, promo codes, and mobile app.

A dashboard is the first thing that defines our experience with an application. It provides a quick view of all elements needed for smooth and seamless navigation. The VideForex application is distinguishable for its clean and interactive dashboard.

Instruments Traded

That means if you have incorrectly predicted the market, you will lose a huge amount of money. It happens because the fees charged on leverage trading are higher than those for non-leveraged assets. Like some other trading brokers, Videforex also offers its clients leverage trading. Under the leverage trading process, the traders can borrow capital from the broker to enhance their buying potential.

There are more than 100 financial instruments spread across a variety of asset classes that can be traded through the proprietary Videforex trading platform offered. Trading financial products may not be available in your country or are only available for professional traders. Please check with your regulator authority first before your sign up with a broker.

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All trades that are pending or have been opened or closed will be listed down on a table below by VideForex’s system. This table will function as your portfolio and trading history. This contains details such as the asset traded, its strike price, expiry price, start time, expiry time, order size, payout, and whether it’s a call or put. At the bottom of your trading platform, there is a table that would feature open, closed, or pending positions that have been executed by the system. All details listed here are vital for backtesting, portfolio management, and trade review. Subsequently, users can also view which trades have been profitable to them.

There are 80 multiple types of stocks, 15 different currency pairings, nine different commodities, 13 different market indexes as well as for cryptocurrencies available on the site. Limitations of web-based trading — If you are looking for a reliable place for online day trading, you will find that many of the best brokers offer multiple trading interfaces. VideForex, on the other hand, only allows web-based trading, so day traders do not have access to the platform. For this reason, trades can only be conducted through the company’s website. However, this simplified strategy can be useful for some traders.

VideForex Leverage

The bonus meter which is provided on the Accounts page of the Videforex website has a slider that calculates the US Dollar value that traders will receive upon making their first deposit. Yes, the Videforex application requires an online KYC (Know Your Customer) process. It is only after undergoing EKYC; you can start to invest and trade on the platform. This is a mandatory process required for verifying the trader’s identity and demographic details. One of the most exciting things about Videforex is that it offers weekly contests for traders. Not only do these contests help you get hands-on experience, but they also bring attractive cash rewards.

4000+ client accounts have been opened and the brokerage has processed close to $500,000 in withdrawals. Trading Forex, CFD, Binary Options, and other financial instruments carry a high risk of loss and are not suitable for all investors. 66-84% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with the providers presented on this site. The information and videos are not investment recommendations and serve to clarify the market mechanisms. The texts on this page are not are not investment recommendations. The great thing about VideForex is they have a wide range of assets to choose from.

Although adding funds through Bitcoin, Altcoin, and Ethereum won’t require you to pay additional fees, Visa and MasterCard transfers have a 5% fee. After setting your order type, you should set the corresponding expiry time and date of your option. Subsequently, you could turn on VideForex’s Fix Time mode to properly time your trades. Turbo allows clients to set trades that expire within the next 30 minutes, while Intraday orders expire when the day ends. On the other hand, clients may choose to execute Long Term positions that expire within the next month. In the next section, we will show you exactly how to trade options and CFDs on the Videforex platform.

You may be able to make some money in a few attempts, but lose it all in the other attempts. Although it lacks the regulatory clout of more established players in the market, VideForex is very much a legitimate business. They use cutting-edge technology to ensure customers’ privacy and the safety of their financial and personal information during transactions. It is crucial that you have complete faith in your broker with your personal information, especially in this day and age of increasing cybersecurity threats and internet scams. has a strong commitment to safety, which is excellent news.

We understand the struggle and importance of choosing the right trading brokerage, which is why we have compiled numerous in-depth reviews of viable online trading brokerages. See below, our in-depth review of the VideForex online trading brokerage and decide if they’re the right broker for you. After making a deposit, you will get access to a VideForex demo account. This is an excellent area to establish a strategy and become acquainted with trading conditions by utilizing virtual money.

  • The astute intraday trader understands that the more tools and resources you have at your disposal, the better your chances of making money.
  • Regardless, VideForex apps are offered for both iOS and Android devices, in order to cover both the smartphone and tablet users.
  • This is the best option for traders who are often too busy and need to fit their schedules according to their needs.
  • By clicking on the pages icon on the right, users can copy traders by simply specifying the size of the investment.

Live video connections between customers and agents, both public and private, will be available for problem solving. The assistance here is far above average for the business world. Those who are just starting out in the world of day trading and would like the peace of mind of knowing that assistance is just a click away will find VideForex to be an attractive option. The intuitive design makes picking the appropriate financial tool a breeze. A few clicks of the mouse will take you to your preferred currency pairs, commodities, and indexes. Additionally to the major currency pairs, you also have access to cryptocurrency pairings and fixed return options.

The platform’s social trading tool, sometimes called ‘copy trading,’ is a handy supplementary feature. This allows you to learn from experienced and successful traders and mimic the moves of high-earning traders. There is no entry cost, and twenty winners are listed each week. Both beginners and experienced traders can compete, as all accounts automatically participate. Trading on the platform is straightforward for both beginners and experienced investors. It has been engineered to retain usability while offering a variety of sophisticated tools and resources many day traders require.

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You may access your preferred currency pairs, commodities, and indexes with a few mouse clicks. You also gain access to cryptocurrency pairings and fixed return choices, in addition to your major currency pairings. Compare the markets and instruments offered by Videforex and its competitors. Please note, some markets may only be available via CFDs or other derivatives. Not every online broker offers this, making Videforex a good fit for those with limited time or changing schedules.

Apart from this information, there is no other information on the terms and conditions of the referral bonus. For instance, should there be a 1% margin requirement on a position of $1,000,000, the trader must cover a margin requirement amount of $10,000. The margin requirement must be equal to or more than 100% for the position to be opened. In most instances, such a statement is a red flag and may bring the legitimacy of the broker into question.

It is worth noting that despite being new to the market, Videforex offers an expansive range of asset classes to trade on. With this, it is clearly evident that the company is trying its best to gain a strong foothold in the competitive Forex and binary options trading industry. All-in-all, when it comes to financial assets, Videforex is a standout option. Videforex CFD and Options offers Android and iPhone based trading platform. It allows to stay connected with the global market and never miss a trading opportunity.

One impressive thing about using this trading broker is its wide outreach. Besides the USA, Videforex offers its amazing trading services to traders worldwide. Videforex has a plethora of benefits along with impressive features. Even though videforex review you are a day trader, CFD trader, or binary options trader, you can choose Videforex for a successful career. This trading broker is designed in a way that it can correctly meet the needs of investors and traders present at all levels.

A license has been granted to them by Finance Group Corp, located on the 2nd Floor of Transpacific Haus, Lini Highway, Vanuatu. As with most US forex brokers, is not regulated by the CFTC. Twenty lucky winners will be selected at random each week, and there’s no cost to enter. All accounts are automatically included in the competition, so novice and seasoned traders alike can compete on equal footing.